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R&D Laboratories

R&D Laboratories

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Research and Development labs:

  1. R&D Lab of Marine Electronic Systems
  2. Engineering Laboratory
  3. R&D Lab of Testing Technical Equipment for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
  4. Research Lab
  5. R&D Lab of Ship Complexes' Dynamics 
  6. R&D Lab of Hardware and Software Control Systems of Marine Equipment
  7. R&D Lab of System Modelling​
  8. R&D Lab of Active Devices for Vessels and Underwater Objects Performance Improvement
  9. Automated Systems R&D Laboratory
  10. R&D Lab of Diving Systems and Complexes
  11. R&D Lab of Computer Systems
  12. Special Design Bureau

Research Facilities:

  1. Student Support Department
  2. Defense Research and Development Department
    1. Licensing and Certification Department of Defense-Related Activities of State Marine Technical University
    2. R&D Support and Quality Control of Government Procurement Department
    3. Technical Control Department
  3. Educational and Research Facility in Primorsk
    1. Experimental Design R&D Sector
    2. Perspective Power Plants R&D Sector
  4. R&D Educational Technology Center
    1. Enterprise of R&D Educational Technology Center
    2. Mechanical Area in Educational and Research Facility in Primorsk
  5. Student Design Bureau
    1. Robotics Department
    2. Shipbuilding Department
  6. Planning and Production Department of SMTU Research
  7. Arctic Innovation Technologies Center
  8. Department of Standardization and Metrological Support
  9. Department of Patents, Licensing and Informational Support