Shopping in St. Petersburg can satisfy practically all tastes and needs.  However, it is good to know a few tips.  While numerous shopping malls and fancy in and around Nevsky Avenue, some of the best clothing items it is better to buy further from the city center.

Clothing and shoes: St. Petersburg might be quite hard on shoes because of its fall and winter harsh and wet weather. If you find your old pair is done in, check out Troitsky Market (130a Fontanka Nab., right behind the Troitsky Cathedral). This is also a great place to find cheap clothes as well. For another option for shoes, check out Tsentr Obuv' (Russia's version of America's Payless stores). You can also try regular stores during the sales season.

Food, hypermarkets: If you are looking for a store with wider variety and potentially lower prices try one of the Okey or Karusel supermarkets. The choices there are usually pretty good and operation hours are at least 7-11. There also are plenty of 24-hour smaller Pyaterochka supermarkets with somewhat fewer choices. Please remember that no alcohol could be bought in the night: the ban starts at 10 pm and lasts until 11 am.