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Student Support Department has plenty of activities among which the following ones are key activities:

  1. Prepares annual report for SMTU session.
  2. Monitors research works of students at all SMTU departments.
  3. Creates forms to be filled in for scientific examination during research works contests, certificate of honor and diploma blanks, unified presentation templates of students' R&D works for all SMTU departments.
  4. Gains and processes information used in making the lists of students and their scientific directors involved in SMTU Research to be granted and the information on students with increased scholarships.
  5. Prepares applications on behalf of SMTU for participation in different events outside of SMTU: citywide, regional and all-russian ones; our department also assists groups of students when applying for the outside-university grants.
  6. Prepares a part of  SMTU Research annual report related to the students' R&D.
  7. Creates calendar plan of R&D events and the related outlay.
  8. Interacts with deans and heads of departments and Patent Department in order to register R&D developments.
  9. Keeps tabs on students highly involved in SMTU Research works and created the lists of perspective masters, postgraduates and other scientific degree candidates.​