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Development of underwater vehicles (UVs) is the major activity of Special Design Bureau. During 2017 on the initiative of SMTU, Special Design Bureau contributed toward the development of such a line of activity at the competitive plant ("Dvigatel" plant in Saint Petersburg). Design documentation for "Proton-S" UVs (SMTU R&D) has been prepared and handed in, meanwhile regular consultations and support on production procedure were provided.

During a year, 2 prototypes of UV were developed and tested in our lab with the involvement of external private financing and external employees; such an underwater vehicle prototype may be used as a basis for further commercial use and main deleopment of a promising product to be used by the Russian Navy (Military-Maritime Fleet of the Russian Federation).

Development of perspective diver propulsion vehicle (DVP), which meets modern requirements is of current interest. Despite of great attention and funding by the Russian Navy, obvious success during last years has not been achieved. In particular, attempts to create modern foreign samples (such as "Rotinor") at our place, reproduce existing Russian developmemts on a whole new level ("Proton-S", "Proton-U") or depelop a fundamentally new product turned out to be a failure. Main reason of such a failure is lack of progressive and at the same time enough experimentally proven design ideas and new technologies.

Meanwhile, development and mastering of the small-scale DVP (of a new generation) is successfully completed in SMTU. DVP is designed for search and rescue missions of diving units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation and inspection missions performed by the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

Latest and up-to-date hardware components and technologies are used in DVP's contsruction. Each DVP may be equipped with various devices and carry a cargo container. Its configuration provides improved ergonomics and ease of swimming. DVP was tested by a variety of departments in the experimental pool and suring sea trials; feedback received from divers proves the significant improvements and is extremely positive. So that, the DVP is ready to be delivered to the requesting departments.

It seems appropriate to use obtained successful results for the development of perspective diver propulsion vehicle for the Russian Navy. Collaboration of SMTU and Gidropribor JSC in this field may bring quick and impressive results.

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