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Additional educational programs and professional development programs confirmed by relevant course attainment certificates


Name of the educational program

Number of students per group

Tuition fee (USD)

Duration of study

AEP* “Technical vocabulary in shipbuilding and related fields”   


490 per person

As agreed

AEP* “The lexical minimum in technical fields for the Bachelor's degree students”

3 – 8

300 per person

2 weeks

APEP** “The Russian language as a foreign language for the Bachelor's degree students in shipbuilding and related technical areas of study”

2 – 10

2500 per person

9 -10 months

APEP** “Hydro aerodynamics of marine vehicles”


45800 per group

As agreed

APEP** “Fundamentals of Arctic shipbuilding and navigation”  


45800   per group

As agreed

APEP** “Introduction to Shipbuilding”  


25000 per group

As agreed

Individual program in “Interpretation in the field of  construction of ice navigation vessels, methods for calculating and modeling ice loads on hull structures “


12,000 per person

As agreed


*   AEP: Additional Educational Program

**  APEP: Additional Professional Educational Program