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Understanding the degree structure

Understanding the degree structure

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Bachelor’s degrees in:

01.03.04 Applied mathematics 
09.03.01 Informatics and computer engineering 
13.03.03 Power engineering 
15.03.01 Mechanic engineering 
15.03.02 Technological machines and equipment
15.03.03 Applied mechanics
15.03.05 Design and technology provision for machinery production 
20.03.01 Technosphere safety 
22.03.01 Materials science and engineering 
26.03.02 Shipbuilding, ocean and system engineering for marine infrastructure facilities 
29.03.04 Technology of artistic processing of materials 
38.03.01 Economics 
38.03.02 Management 
39.03.01 Sociology 

Master’s degree in:

09.04.01 Informatics and computer engineering 
15.04.03 Applied mathematics
26.04.02 Shipbuilding, ocean and system engineering for marine infrastructure facilities  
38.04.01 Economics
38.04.02 Management 
39.04.01 Sociology
40.04.01 Jurisprudence

Doctorate degree in:

03.06.01 Physics and astronomy
13.06.01 Electric and heat engineering
15.06.01 Mechanic engineering
26.06.01 Engineering and technology of shipbuilding and water transport