Shipbuilder's Day will be a holiday of St. Petersburg

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  • 21 Mar
  • 2019

Shipbuilder's Day will be a holiday of St. Petersburg

According to one of the authors of the document, Denis Chetyrbok, on June 29, 1667, Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich issued a decree on the construction of the ship Orel, the first military ship in Russia built to the state.

“We have to register this day in our city law so that celebrations can be organized at the expense of the city budget,” said Denis Chetyrbok, speaking of a new professional holiday.

“This draft law provides for the addition of a list of international, generally recognized and all-Russian holidays and anniversaries, as well as related activities that are annually financed by the budget of St. Petersburg, on June 29, the shipbuilder’s day,” the bill said in an explanatory note. .

The rector of St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University Gleb Turinin supported the initiative of giving special status for the Day of Shipbuilding for St. Petersburg. In a conversation with the Parliamentary newspaper, he noted that the shipbuilding industry is the only industry in Russia that is so closely connected with the city on the Neva.

“Shipbuilding and shipbuilding in St. Petersburg continue to develop successfully and dynamically,” said the rector of SPbSMTU. - Not only shipbuilding and supporting enterprises are concentrated in our city, but also design bureaus, major research centers in the field of shipbuilding and shipbuilding, higher education institutions, including our Shipship, and the Main Command of the Navy, therefore we fully support the initiative of deputies Zaksa ”- said Gleb Turin.