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General information

The postgraduate study programs at the State Marine Technical University are the third stage of University education. SMTU offers postgraduate programs in ten areas of study (link to Postgraduate Study Programs).

Graduates who have successfully passed the State Final Certifying Examination are awarded with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and qualification of Researcher/Research Instructor.  The persons who have completed the postgraduate education and successfully defended the thesis are awarded the degrees of Candidate of Science in the relevant area of studies and corresponding diplomas of candidates of sciences.   

Individuals with full higher education confirmed by the Master’s degree diploma are eligible to apply for the postgraduate study which can be in the on-campus form of education.  Depending on the area of study, duration of the postgraduate education can vary from 3 to 4 years for the on-campus form and from 4 to 5 years for the off-campus form.

For your academic referees, you should ensure you have the consent before you apply and have the correct email address for each (preferably an institutional email address). Applicants can request references before the submission of their application and should do so as early as possible.