Famous SMTU – LKI alumni and partners

Our alumni have always been at the forefront of innovation and our past achievements inspire our students today. Our graduates have succeeded in their professional activities in many fields beyond the university training.

The very establishment and intensive development of the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (now SMTU) was stipulated by and inextricably connected with making Russian (Soviet) navy and maritime fleet strong and diverse. The Soviet surface and submarine navy played a great role during World War II. By the 1980s, the quota of Soviet cargo fleet amounted to 23% of the global shipping facilities (to compare, the U.S. quota then was at the level of 8%). Soviet submarines had been successfully competing with the U.S. ones during the period of the Cold War.  While the situation had significantly changed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and presently many Russian commercial vessels navigate under other countries’ flags due to market demands and commercial interests, Russian Navy and Russian cargo fleet remain among the world leaders.  Russian submarines, maneuverable and universally recognized, bearing nuclear and conventional arms, play a major role in keeping the world’s political and military balance.

The absolute majority of chief constructors, designers, and CEOs of the famous Soviet and Russian marine construction bureaus and institutions are SMTU graduates. For obvious reasons, we cannot yet reveal all names of people who have more than deserved this.

The University is proud of its alumni, many of whom became prominent specialists, organizers of Russia’s shipbuilding industry, CEOs of major branch enterprises, R&D institutes and construction bureaus, political figures and even famous actors and writers. Korabelka has always been a breeding ground for talented people, and not only in the sphere of shipbuilding. On this of graduates includes statesmen, diplomats, athletes, actors, writers, and many others.