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The University’s main campus is nestled within St. Petersburg historical blocks, with lots of cafés, bars, and cultural attractions. However, most of the dormitories are located in the later built buildings in the residential green area and you will need to use public transportation to get to the academic buildings and around St. Petersburg in general.

The city has a well-developed system of public transportation which includes metro, tram, trolleybus, and bus lines.  Students are eligible to discounted monthly travel cards which can be used in all types of transport. Presently, the cost of a monthly ticket amounts to RR 1,035 for an unlimited number of trips. Should you prefer to stick to the metro transportation only, you will have to pay RR 550 per month also for an unlimited number of trips.

The metro operates from 5:30 am (actual time might vary depending on the station) and till nearly 1 am (depending on the station).  Single trip ticket cost slightly varies under RR 50 per trip depending on the type of transportation.

You can buy a small metro scheme or use one of the online versions, e.g., Official site of St.Petersburg Metro or Spottedtoad (Metro Station).

In some cases one may prefer to use official taxi services of which Uber and Yandex are the cheapest and most practical.  You can download applications for both to your smart phones.

Check the St. Petersburg public transportation portal for more information.