The main activities of Research Lab of Electromagnetic Safety are ensuring the electromagnetic safety on ships, boats and offshore structures, researches on electromagnetic environment when operating the coastal transmitting radio facilities of the fleet, research and assessment of the electromagnetic environment in industrial and living areas, examination of project documentation for compliance with sanitary legislation in the field of electromagnetic safety, development of recommendations on ensuring the electromagnetic safety, bachelor's training in electromagnetic ecology and electromagnetic safety, development of sanitary regulations and methodical instructions in the field of electromagnetic radiation, standards for organizations for ensuring the electromagnetic safety of employees. Our lab also performs research work funded from the state budget and contract works with enterprises and organizations of various ministries and departments of the Russian Federation.

Our lab performs:

  • research of working conditions of the staff working with electromagnetic fields sources;
  • estimation of indoor light parameters;
  • measurements and expert assessment of the intensity of electromagnetic radiation originated by industrial electrical and radio engineering equipment of Russian and foreign production;
  • research and hygienic assessment of EMF in offices
  • measurements and assessment of electromagnetic fields on ships, marine infrastructure facilities, civil aviation facilities and railway transport;
  • assessments of the effectiveness of shielding workplaces from EMF;
  • EMF measurements in residential areas and in residential and public buildings;
  • hygienic assessment of EMF sources in the environment (EMF of base stations of mobile communication, radar stations, radio centers and other radio transmission facilities, high-voltage lines, transformer substations and other electric power facilities);
  • design documentation examination on personnel and population protection from EMF for compliance with existing sanitary and epidemiological documents in the field of EMF.

When performing accreditation-related work, Research Lab of Electromagnetic Safety is guided by:

  • Federal laws, resolution of the Russian Government, orders of Ministries and their departments;
  • нормативными актами, руководящими и нормативными документами, устанавливающими требования по обеспечению безопасности и условий труда;
  • документами, устанавливающими требования к методикам выполнения измерений уровней электромагнитных полей, параметров освещенности и яркости;
  • документами по эксплуатации и техническому обслуживанию средств измерений и вспомогательного оборудования, необходимых для проведения аналитических работ.


Research Lab of Electromagnetic Safety has the latest normative, technical and methodical documents in the field of ensuring the electromagnetic safety and lab staff makes the annual documentation update.


Current research projects:

  1. EMF research at personnel workplaces when using installations of magnetic flaw detection (research was ordered by The Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant).
  2. EMF research originated by transmitting radio engineering objects of special equipment at personnel workplaces and environment (research was ordered by GOSNIIP).


Publications and Developments

1. We participated in the following documents & procedures development of federal and sectoral significance.

2. Methodical instructions for students of 280202 Engineering protection of the environment specialty were created:

  • EMF assessment in the environment originated by AC electric power networks of industrial frequency. SMTU, 2012.
  • Measurement of electric and magnetic fields of industrial frequency created by electricity supply facilities. SMTU, 2013.

3. 53 research works are published. 3 of them are foreign publications and 5 of them are publications approved by Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation.

4. 45 reports were made during different conferences and workshops: 11 of them were made during international conferences, 7 of them were held in SMTU, 11 of them were made during Electromagnetic Compatibility Section meetings at M.Gorky House of Scientists.

5. 35 seminars on electromagnetic safety, EMF and lighting control were held. 

6. Nikitina N.V. was invited to 2 TV shows and 5 radio shows to speak about ensuring the electromagnetic safety.


Conducting electromagnetic fields measurements by Research Lab of Electromagnetic Safety staff in industrial and living areas

Level measurement of EMF originated by the transmitters on the ship deck.

Level measurement of EMF originated by PC in ship deckhouse.

Measurements of the permanent magnetic fields in the electroplating shop of the Admiralty Shipyard.

Measurements of EMF during the dielectric heating installation operation.

In order to clarify the sanitary protection zone size of the electric depot at State Unitary Enterprise "St Petersburg Metro", investigations of EMF originated by the equipment were made.

Measurements of the EMF of the microwave frequency range originated by air traffic control center equipment at Arkhangelsk Airport, Russia were made.


Research of the industrial and living electromagnetic environment by students within the pre-diploma and diploma practices


Measurements of EMF originated by radio transmitters' antennas of gas distribution stations.

Measurements of illumination levels at operators' workplaces at the Vessel Traffic Management Center.

Measurements of industrial frequency EMF originated by equipment of the transformer substation open switchgear.

Measurements of industrial frequency EMF originated by compact fluorescent lamps.

Measurement of artificial lighting illumination levels in the computer class.