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Step 1. Choose the educational program link to choose your degree program

Step 2. Submit an application for education. You can find the application form here. Normally, our applicants register at https://abit.smtu.en/. Please fill the first page to register at SMTU. If you are having problems with registration, please just fill in the application form and send it to with your contact data and our employees will get back to you.

Please attach a scan of your passport photo page and a copy of your education certificate (link to Documents Needed to Aplly).

If you don’t have any education certificate because you are still completing your training or for a different reason, you’ll have to attach a list which contains the subjects studied and the marks received for them (on the official letterhead of your educational organization). It is necessary to submit an officially verified translation of your education certificate into Russian.

Step 3. Receive official response from SMTU

Your application will be considered by the SMTU Admissions Office. The main criteria include overall GPA (grade point average) of your degree certificate and marks for the major subjects.

After consideration, the Admissions Office recommends or does not recommend you to apply for the chosen program at SMTU.

We will send you a formal letter on the decision made by e-mail.

Please be aware that it normally takes from 2 to 4 weeks to consider an application. 

Once you have received the formal letter you can start the admission procedure https://abit.smtu.en/.