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    SMTU has three dormitories, all located in the southern part of St. Petersburg. One dormitory building (number 1) is located at #88 Stacheck Ave., while the two other ones (number 2 and 3) are at #111 Stacheck Ave. (please see the map link). While the addresses of the buildings seem close, the #88 is close to the Avtovo metro station (7-minute walk), while #111 is closer to the Prospect Veteranov metro station, though it is about 2 km away from it.

#88 Stacheck Ave (link to Yandex.Maps) #111 Stacheck Ave (1) (link to Yandex.Maps) #111 Stacheck Ave (2) (link to Yandex.Maps)

    All students who are not residents of St. Petersburg are eligible for dormitory placement. Typically, each room is shared by three or four students. However, there is an option of rooms for two people but at a higher monthly fee. Most international students prefer to live in the #2 dormitory building where there is a special dedicated floor. However, many students prefer to share rooms with their Russian fellows.
    The University has four educational buildings: A (#3 Lotsmanskaya Str.), B (#10 Lotsmanskaya Str.), G (#5 Kronverksky Ave.), and U (#101 Leninsky Ave.). The number 2 and 3 dormitories are located within short walking distance from the U-building. To get to the A and B educational buildings you will have to take metro and, altogether, it might take about an hour to get there. However, there also is a direct bus line which will bring you from the dormitory to the A and B educational buildings.

    The G building is located very close to the Gorkovskaya metro station and it takes about 45-50 minutes to get there from any dormitory building.
    St. Petersburg is a big city with population over 5 million people; on the average, it takes about an hour for most of city residents to get to their offices. Public transportation is pretty well developed and safe, and the academic schedule normally allows to avoid rush hours in the metro which is an only one of its kind, and you might enjoy your trips to the university!