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Our learning and teaching strategies are targeted at cultural inclusiveness, encouraging home and international students to engage positively with students from all countries while valuing their national diversity. We aim to provide a range of modes of learning, including but not limited to, for example, to individual work, group work and opportunities for off-campus learning through international student exchanges or collaborative arrangements.  We offer an educational experience that is inspiring, challenging, and transformational and ensure that all students from all backgrounds achieve their potential by providing a supportive environment and rich learning culture. The following are some examples of learning and teaching strategies and methods we use in our subject areas:

  • We engage students at an early stage of the educational program/module to identify their cultural/international differences, their previous educational experience, and their individual learning approaches and needs
  • We use teaching various formats, e.g., discussion groups that encourage the participation of all our students and help identify areas where students are having obstacles or issues
  • We provide learning materials in different formats (written, online, audio, video clips, etc.) to support key concepts and knowledge. At the start of each program or for key areas, we provide with an online or hard copy notes before classes to aid comprehension and accessibility
  • We encourage our students to share and discuss personal knowledge and experiences brought by them from their home education during their class and seminar groups
  • We broadly include group work, with groups representing diverse cultures and nationalities
  • We encourage our students to include cultural/international learning in their personal planning
  • We offer our students the opportunity to participate in courses and modes of learning outside of a student’s core discipline(s), and to develop academic skills alongside students from all parts of the University
  • We support learning in a research-rich context from year one and to specialize and develop the research and enquiry-led skills to support original research in the core discipline(s)

We equip our students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to flourish and continue to learn in a complex world and become successful graduates who contribute to society.