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Yelena R. Schislyaeva,

Vice Rector on Educational Activity,

Doctor of Economics, Professor        

Yelena R. Schislyaeva graduated from the Power Plant Faculty of Leningrad M.I. Kalinin Polytechnic Institute in 1983, majoring in “Turbine Construction.” In 1987, she graduated from the Central Institute of advanced training for managers and specialists in the national economy (Moscow) majoring in “Patenting.”  In 1998, Schislyaeva got her second higher education at SPbPU in the “Business Management.” The same year, she defended her Candidate Dissertation (on “The methods of search and selection of managers for multinational companies in a transitional economy”) and in 2004, her Doctorate Dissertation (on the “Logistic methods and models of personnel management in the context of strengthening cultural and global trends in international business”). In 2007, Yelena R. Schislyaeva was awarded the academic title of professor.


Scientific and organizational activities

In 1983-1990, Yelena R. Schislyaeva had worked at the Leningrad Design Bureau of Mechanization (as engineer, senior engineer, leading engineer); later on, in 1990-1994, she had been working at the SPbPU International Relations Department. Alongside, in 1994-2017, Yelena R. Schislyaeva had been working at the International Higher School of Management (ihsm) of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, professionally growing from senior teacher to professor. In 2000 – 2013, Yelena R. Schislyaeva had been the Head of the “International Business” Chair and First Deputy to Director of IHSM.  In 2010 – 2014, she was the Dean of IHSM, and in 2014 – 2017, Director of IHSE.

In 2011, she was included in the “Top-1000 Russian Managers” list by the “Kommersant” PH version. In 2017, Yelena R. Schislyaeva was appointed to the position of Vice Rector for Educational Activity of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University.


Academic and research activities

Yelena R. Schislyaeva carries out dynamic research and educational activities. She is engaged in the research of the influence of national and cultural features on the international business, transformations of transnational corporations in the conditions of globalization, and their impact on the Russian and global economy.  Under her control and with her direct involvement, researches on increasing the motivation of Russian companies’ personnel and the expansion of efficient tools and mechanisms for the development of modern international logistics are carried out. 

Schislyayeva teaches the major course in the “International Business” Master’s degree program and Bachelor’s degree courses on the “Comparative Management,” “Basics of the International Business,” and “International Business”.  She leads active research and pedagogical work with graduate and postgraduate students. Eleven candidate dissertations have been successfully defended under her academic advising.

Schislyaeva is Member of the SPbSMTU Senate and Correspondent member of the International Academy of Sciences of the Higher Education Institutions (IAS HS). She is member of the Dissertation Council D 212.354.20 affiliated with the Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education “St. Petersburg State Economy University” under the specialty 08.00.14.

Ye.R. Schislyayeva has more than 250 publications including textbooks and monographs.


Awards and Insignia

For her work, Yelena R. Schislyayeva was awarded with the Diploma of the RF Ministry of Education and Certificate of Appreciation of the RF Ministry of Education with the award pin of “Honorable Worker of HPE.”